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The Company has signed Important and long-term contracts in various fields such as local hospitals, ministries, oil & gas industry, corporate and government organizations

Al Wazzan Trading & Catering Co. (AWTC) is Mezzan Holding Company’s largest subsidiary. Specializing in catering and camp support services, the business is focused on enhancing the catering services industry in line with the Al Wazzan tradition.

Launched in the 80's of the previous century, our success is rooted in being one of the leading caterers of Kuwaiti, Middle Eastern and International menus. Recognized for its tasteful presentation, competitive pricing and quality of food are the driving forces behind a highly recognized catering operation, which leverages the reputable resources of the Mezzan Holding Company’s business products and brand.

Our services includes design, preparation and delivery of individually packed meals, snacks and prepared food to on and off-premises for immediate consumption. Our key-clients are institutions, government offices, commercial and industrial businesses as well as private event-based food services.

Our business has been awarded large scale and long-term contracts from local hospitals, ministries, oil & gas industry, corporate and government organizations. These contracts contributed to the majority of the company’s activities that includes preparation of thousands of meals daily. Supported by a team of qualified, highly trained and educated individuals in food technology, nutrition science and food chemistry. The company is best in class amongst its competitors. With a large scale fleet, laundry facilities, computerized central store, a large scale of kitchen and staff accommodation and support services, its capacity and capabilities of the operation meets and exceeds corporate and private customer expectations around the clock.

Our expertise and know-how in the field of catering and related activities enable us to provide our customers utmost satisfaction.


The development of the health program has been triggered by the need for quality services in hospitals. After the medical service and quality treatments that are the prime concern of any reliable health care institutions, catering and related services are the second priority in order to ensure that the patients feel secure and confident.

Indeed food is the only link between the patient and the normal environment he is used to. We believe that we have a role in providing patients balanced of food from a health and diet standpoint whilst utilizing the tradition and values of the nation. A reliable and successful catering operation in a hospital depends on the following factors:

  1. SPECIFICATIONS - The job of the medical and hospital staff is to provide quality treatments to the patients. The job of a catering company specialized in food services for hospitals is to give quality service.
  2. TECHNICAL COMPLIANCE - Food services in hospitals is different from any service provided in other type of institutions. It is a very sensitive and delicate task which requires technical competence and know how in the implementation of processes, techniques and procedures.
  3. PROFESSIONAL AND EXPERIENCED STAFF - The special requirements of hospital catering demand supervision and personnel specially trained for this particular type of catering. adequate training must be provided to catering staff at all levels to ensure that their performance is up to the required standards.
  4. MANAGEMENT - An experienced, efficient and reliable management is essential to face all contingencies and situations requiring immediate response with no room for wrong measures or decisions.
  5. ORGANIZATIONS - A successful catering operation in hospitals depends on a multitude of details. it is a complex situation where a perfect organization and planning at all levels is the only key to ensure that performance is conducted adequately to meet objectives.
  6. HYGIENE - Specification of hygiene is extremely severe in a hospital. this applies to personal hygiene of all food service personnel, hygiene in handling of foodstuff as well as perfect hygiene and sanitation of catering premises, facilities and equipment.
  7. QUALITY OF FOOD - Quality means perfect selection of foodstuff and perfect handling and processing according to very strict specifications.

We have acquired an extensive experience as we cater now for pupils and students of different ages


The development of the education system has increased the population of the students considerably. some of the students from neighboring Arab countries come to the middle east and join educational institutions where they can get an education in line with the Arabic spirit. These students of today are responsible of the private and public sectors of tomorrow. They are aware of their future responsibilities and their search for perfection makes them very demanding in terms of all services provided to them.

We have acquired an extensive experience in that respect as we cater now for pupils and students of different ages. Our team of nutritionists in cooperation with the managements of the various educational institutions have elaborated menus perfectly adapted to this population in terms of eating habits and religious requirements.

When it comes to catering, specifications of hygiene is extremely severe in any educational institute. this applies to personal hygiene of all food service personnel, hygiene in handling of foodstuff as well as perfect hygiene and sanitation of catering premises, facilities and equipment.

Moreover these menus with their varieties and constituents correspond to the requirement at the different ages of the human development, childhood, adolescence, youth, and maturity age.



We have learned that the requirements of the industrial sector is similar to those described above. with a special emphasis on the variety in planning menus and other activities of entertainment and organization of leisure, to break the monotony of the daily work at the factory and keep the workers in high productive spirits.


The development of the construction projects in the middle east has resulted in a massive importation of foreign workers. This considerable population comes from different ethnic groups, each one having its own habits and likings, especially when food is concerned. The productivity of these workers is essential to meet the completion targets. In that respect and to meet the basic requirement of those workers, we have incorporated in our workforce catering specialists and cooks from different ethnic groups who are able to understand the needs of their fellow nationals and fulfil their requests in terms of menus, tastes, and customs.


Government institution are a segment that requires the highest level of quality and real mark of professionalism in the provision of catering services. the daily performance has to be of class and presence of distinguished guests requires from the caterer to be able to handle special events sometimes at very short notice.
Through experience with some of the most important government institutions, we have mastered such requirement and are in a position to arrange for a banquet with a variety of meals, a tasty presentation and professional service which will match in quality what one should expect from the renowned Arabian hospitality.


We guarantee the well-being of your offshore staff


Our catering services has expanded beyond land and we are now providing world class catering and other services for offshore activities.

Using only the highest standard in ingredients and process, armed with carefully selected staff members that are the best in the industry, we cater for breakfast, lunch, dinner supper and coffee breaks on site.

Our staff members also strive to ensure the utmost comfort of offshore stay with other hospitality services such as housekeeping, laundry and other customized services available upon request.

With our excellence in service, we are doing our best to guarantee the well-being of your offshore staff, so your business can continue to thrive.



A Mezzan Holding's Subsidiary


Oriental is a commercial central kitchen space owned by Mezzan Holding. It’s specialized in catering, precisely in meals’ mass production and preparation to serve the government sector and enterprise. Just like other Mezzan’s subsidiaries, Oriental works to the highest standards in the food and beverage industry in order to meet and satisfy the Kuwaiti market expectations and maintain Al-Wazzan’s business reputation. The saying is true that cleanliness begins at home. This is also applicable for maintaining the hygiene at Oriental Central Kitchen.

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